Monday 27 April 2020

What Might Come Next? - Solutions

  1. Royal Actors - (William) Shatner, (William) Hurt, (Henry) Fonda... 
  2. Songs with numbers in the title - One Love (Bob Marley) , Two Tribes (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)...
  3. Greek equivalents of the planetary gods moving outwards
  4. Time abbreviations and lengths 60 Seconds, 60 Minutes, 24 Hours, 7 Days
  5. Monopoly Stations on a Standard UK board
  6. Words that are the same length and start and end with the same letters as months of the year
  7. Power of Two films with the numbers removed - 2 Weeks Notice, 4 Lions, The Hateful Eight
  8. SI prefixes
  9. NATO Phonetic Alphabet of the compass points
  10. Official languages of the four most populous countries

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