Thursday 2 December 2021

What Comes Next - Solutions


Spoilers below...

  1. First letter of the planets
  2. Olympics not held in capital cities and the capital of the country they were held in
  3. Noble Gasses by ascending atomic mass
  4. Speakers of the House of Commons' initials and the year they were elected going back in time
  5. NATO spelt out in the NATO phonetic alphabet
  6. Repeated letter postcodes with the post code capitalised in alphabetical order (e.g. Blackburn is BB)
  7. Fast and Furious film titles first letters
  8. The Seven Ps without the Ps
  9. The natural numbers (1, 2, 3) ascending represented by their digit repeated once for each letter in their name, e.g. ONE -> 111
  10. Bonds and their first film, first letters

Monday 27 April 2020

What Might Come Next? - Solutions

  1. Royal Actors - (William) Shatner, (William) Hurt, (Henry) Fonda... 
  2. Songs with numbers in the title - One Love (Bob Marley) , Two Tribes (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)...
  3. Greek equivalents of the planetary gods moving outwards
  4. Time abbreviations and lengths 60 Seconds, 60 Minutes, 24 Hours, 7 Days
  5. Monopoly Stations on a Standard UK board
  6. Words that are the same length and start and end with the same letters as months of the year
  7. Power of Two films with the numbers removed - 2 Weeks Notice, 4 Lions, The Hateful Eight
  8. SI prefixes
  9. NATO Phonetic Alphabet of the compass points
  10. Official languages of the four most populous countries

Wednesday 8 April 2020

One from the Archive has never had it's answers published so here they are

(stop reading now if you wish to try it out)



  1. Planets getting closer to the sun
  2. Harry Potter Books
  3. Kings of England, first letter of their name
  4. Start Trek Captains going forwards in time
  5. UK PMs going back in time
  6. Noble Gasses increasing in atomic weight
  7. Colours of the Rainbow
  8. Royal Houses first letter (Norman, Plantaginet, Lancaster...)
  9. Pugh Pugh Barney McGrew Cuthbert Dibble Grub
  10. Unknown

If you can work out 10 please let me know, otherwise it will be lost to the sands of time.

Sunday 5 April 2020

29th March 2020 - What Comes Next?

  1. Rugby world cups going back in time
  2. Moon landing missions & years
  3. Regular polygons, first letters of their names and number of edges
  4. Queen Albums
  5. Ordinal numbers repeated once per letter in their name (one -> 111, two -> 222)
  6. Initials of Bond actors and their first films
  7. First words from lines of Shakespeare's sonnet 18
  8. First two letters of worlds largest countries (by population) and first two letters of their capital cities
  9. Henry Kings and the years of the start of their rules
  10. Nato phonetic alphabet first and last letters

Monday 23 March 2020

Socially Distant Quizzing

As we're all being encouraged to spend a bit more time at home, Quiz Of The Day will be publishing quizzes on Saturday and Sunday for the foreseeable future.

Sunday will tend to be a themed or more cryptic quiz with answers posted on the blog the following Saturday.

Enjoy and Stay Safe

Thursday 1 November 2018

What Comes Next?

Answers to 01/11/2018

Q1. Chancellors if the Exchequer going forward in time ending with Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, George Osbourne and Philip Hammond

Q2. Prime numbers in Roman Numerals - XIII

Q3. Rugby positions of increasing number giving F for Flanker

Q4. First Ladies of the United States going back in time to give Rosalynn Carter

Q5. World Cup finals culminating in this summers France v Croatia

Q6. First and last letters of the NATO phonetic alphabet eg AlphA, BravO, CharliE... HoteL

Q7. Group 1 elements - Rubidium

Q8. Planets of the Solar System and the number of letters in their name giving Saturn 6

Q9. The Fibonacci sequence in binary, 8 is next = 1000

Q10. This is chess openings that correspond to moving the pawn in a certain file forward two squares, A4, B4, C4 (English), D4 (Queen’s Pawn), E4 (King’s Pawn) giving F4 Bird’s Opening (B)

Thursday 14 April 2016

100 Quizzes

100 Quizzes

Yesterday we had our 100th quiz on and we wanted to celebrate.

To do so we've collected the 10 trickiest questions from the last one hundred quizzes and brought them together. Think you really know your stuff? Test your general knowledge against it at

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