Thursday 2 December 2021

What Comes Next - Solutions


Spoilers below...

  1. First letter of the planets
  2. Olympics not held in capital cities and the capital of the country they were held in
  3. Noble Gasses by ascending atomic mass
  4. Speakers of the House of Commons' initials and the year they were elected going back in time
  5. NATO spelt out in the NATO phonetic alphabet
  6. Repeated letter postcodes with the post code capitalised in alphabetical order (e.g. Blackburn is BB)
  7. Fast and Furious film titles first letters
  8. The Seven Ps without the Ps
  9. The natural numbers (1, 2, 3) ascending represented by their digit repeated once for each letter in their name, e.g. ONE -> 111
  10. Bonds and their first film, first letters