Saturday 9 January 2016

Weekly Round Up 09/01/2016

It's 2016 and we here at are very excited for the year ahead. We launched late last year with our daily general knowledge quiz and have some exciting features planned for this year.

This week saw the start of our 'Russian Week' series of special themed quizzes with our quizzes on Thursday (music) and Friday (history) coming courtesy of Check back on monday for another very special Russian Literature quiz courtesy of The Russian Student.

As well as our themed quizzes we've had the usual smattering of General Knowledge quizzes. Monday's proved the most difficult with Tuesday's and Wednesday's coming in with a slightly higher average score.

This week's 'Question of the Week': What country does professional cyclist Jack Bauer represent? 

Remember to check back on Monday for a new Quiz Of The Day and do follow us @QuizOTDay and our friends @RusStudentUK on Twitter.

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